Since 2004, the Safety Engineering and Analysis Center (SEAC) has been  supporting independent studies and risk assessments with special emphasis on range safety, system safety, and explosives safety.

The Safety Engineering and Analysis Center Mission Areas

SEAC Mission Areas

The mission of the SEAC is to support the discipline of safety engineering with nine specific mission areas:

  • Conduct funded research for customers
  • Provide world class Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) training
  • Expand Workforce Development (internally and for customers)
  • Conduct workshops to advance safety disciplines
  • Conduct independent (third-party) safety & reliability assessments
  • Provide technical product review and editing to ensure quality for company & customer products
  • Support professional societies
  • Develop and apply analytical protocols and tools
  • Assist in developing standards; maintain library (hardcopies & digital) of up-to-date standards
  • Conduct research and publish books, proceedings, and relevant documents
  • Prove subject matter expertise to internal and external customers
  • Host customer SMA meetings

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts

Senior individuals with deep and specialized  expertise. Many of these experts are nationally and internationally recognized in their discipline and provide value-added support. These individuals are called upon by many of our customers for special studies. More info. 

Training Courses

Each year since 2004, the SEAC has offered training for Safety & Mission Assurance professionals. Approximately 200 professionals from both government and industry obtain continuing education credits each year. Courses include:

  • System Safety Engineering
  • Explosives Safety
  • Software System Safety Engineering
  • Risk Management for Safety Engineers
  • Reliability Engineering

More info.